Brandschutz- und Katastrophen-Übung

Di, 07.05.2019
9:30 - 12:00

Dienstag, 07. Mai 2019, 09:30 – 12:00 Uhr
Treffpunkt: Haupteingang des Boramae Safety Experience Centers (liegt im Boramae Park). 33 Yeouidaebang-ro; 20-gil; Dongjak-Gu; Seoul
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Hinweis:U-Bahnstation Sindaebang (Line 2 grün), Ausgang 4 (geradeaus gehen, vorbei an der Munchang Elementary School und dem South Gate des Boramae Parks. Gehzeit ca. 5 min vom Nambu Disability Welfare Center zum Boramae Safety Experience Center – Musikbrunnen)
Alternativ: U-Bahnstation Boramae (Line 7), Ausgang 2 (Am „Outback“ Steakhouse vorbei bis zum West Gate of Boramae Park. Durch das Gate in den Park gehen, nach 50m rechts abbiegen, nach weiteren 100 m kommt man zum Veranstaltungsort.)

Kosten: 5.000 KRW für Mitglieder, 10.000 KRW für Nichtmitglieder (Bezahlung bitte in bar vor Ort)

Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 20 Personen, auch für Kinder geeignet (bitte Alter angeben)

Anmeldungen bitte hier.
Anmeldeschluss: 01. Mai 2019

Die Veranstaltung findet auf Englisch statt.
Der Veranstalter gibt zur Brand- und Katastrophenschutz-Übung folgende Erläuterungen:
„We have seen and experienced a lot of disaster spots such as the accidents of Seongsudaegyo Bridge destruction, Sampung Department Store ruin, and Daegu subway fire and so on. Whenever such accidents happened, we had the time of consider about the meaning of safety, and had a sense of alertness. Given the fact that most of a great deal of accidents were caused by manmade disasters, we can understand that we are quite immune to safety. With the environmental changes such as climatic change, enlarged and high-rise buildings, disasters could inflict substantial damage on humans and property. If we understand the tip of countermeasures against disasters, since dis-aster accidents cannot be predicted about when and where they will happen, we’ll cope with disas-ters swiftly and safely.
Boramae Safety Experience Center is divided into the two: ‘disaster experience center’ which al-lows to experience four disasters- earthquake, typhoon, fire, traffic accidents, and ‘professional experience center’ which allows to learn basic first-aid such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, and operating principle and methods of multiple fire facilities.
Almost real simulation experience will remind citizens and customers of the importance and a sense of self-awakening about safety, which will give the meaningful opportunity for all the visitors to consider seriously as to safety. We would like to express gratitude once again to citizen customers for visiting Boramae Safety Experience Center. We promise that we’ll do our best to create the space where citizens could enhance their ability to cope with disasters and heighten awareness of safety.“

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