Tour: Northwest Mt. Namsan Park mit Prof. David Mason

Fr, 22.11.2019
9:30 - 12:30

Hoehyeon Station Exit 4

Freitag, 22. November 2019, 09:30 – 12:30 Uhr

Wo: U-Bahnstation Hoehyeon, 회현역, (Linie 4, hellblau), Ausgang 4 oben

Kosten: 15.000 KRW für Mitglieder
              25.000 KRW für Nichtmitglieder
              (Bezahlung bitte in bar vor Ort)

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Anmeldeschluss: 20. November
Teilnehmerzahl: max. 10 Personen

Guided Tour of Fascinating Northwest Mt. Nam-san Park learning some key aspects of Korean History (and, a Daoist temple!)

Activity Difficulty Level: Medium, a few stairways and uphills.

Child-Friendly: Yes, but not infants in a stroller.

Finishing Point: We will disperse when leaving Nam-san Park on Sogong-ro Avenue, that runs north right between Hoehyeon and Myeongdong metro-stations – near the Nam-san Cable-Car lower terminal.

This tour covers the northwest corner of Mt. Nam-san Park – an interesting scenic area filled with monuments. We will visit four different statues of key national heroes, ranging from 1400 years ago to the Liberation Era of 65 years past. Our guide will tell colorful stories told about all of them, in an educational-contexted way.

We will then visit the museum of national patriot, assassin and martyred-hero Ahn Jeong-geun, and evaluate his radical deed (for which Koreans revere him and Japanese hate him). Walking past the monuments of the National Science Institute, we’ll then finish with a tour of the unique & fascinating old Daoist-Shamanic shrine called the Waryong-myo, with images of Chinese and Korean nationalist-Daoist deities enshrined together.

Diese Tour findet auf Englisch statt und wird zusammen mit SIWA durchgeführt.
This tour is offered in cooperation with SIWA in English.
Bezüglich Warteliste oder Fragen wendet euch gerne an Wiebke Axebark.

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