Prof. MASON Tour Doseon sa Temple

Sa, 17.09.2022
10:00 - 14:00

Ui dong Metro Station

Tour of Doseon sa Temple in Bukhansan National Park
Saturday, September 17th 2022

This is an intensely guided visit to Seoul’s largest and most important ancient Buddist temple, 
for spectacular scenery and observing some classic traditional artworks.
The “Dao Abundance Monastery” was founded around 1100 years ago just beneath the
three main peaks of Samgak san , Seoul’s sacred and prominent “Three Horns” guardian mountain.
It has remained the most religiously important monastery of the Seoul area ever since;
it is almost always crowded with sincere worshipers.
It has several unusual and historic features that will be pointed out and explained to our group,
including a much venerated Treasure quality cliff carving of a standing Bodhisattava,
purported to be made at the foundation by Doseon himself. Great stories will be told.
As this temple is build on a steep slope, halfway up Bukhan san National park,
offering a great view of the Mt.
Samgok peaks and forests, brief uphill climbing is necessary on a cement stairways;
but almost anyone can do it.

Finishing Point:

We will finish by taking the temple’s shuttle bus down to the Ui dong intersection neighborhood,
which has a bus terminal, by 14:00.
From there you can get a public bus to downtown, or nearly anywhere else,
or get back on that new subway line or easily catch a taxi.
Any who choose to stay at the temple can eat a basic vegetarian Korean lunch at the temple cafeteria,
or eat at one of the many Korean restaurants in the Ui dong neighborhood bwelo.
Those who want to can enjoy a short hike on the steep but beautiful trails in the Park
during the afternoon;

maps and advice will be available.

1. Zeit/Time : 10:00 Uhr bis ca. 14 Uhr 10:00 am14:00
2. Treffpunkt/Meeting Point : top of Exit 1 of Ui dong Metro Station, the final station on the
NEW light brown sub
3. Kosten : 20.000 Won (Zahlung vor Ort in bar)
4. Anmelde schluss : 19. September
5. Teilnehmer Anzahl : max. 8 Personen
6. Kontakt : 
Wiebke Axebark /
Telefon Wiebke / 010 65451306
Sandra Strobl /
Telefon Sandra / 010 7323 8451