Tour Sites of East Insa-dong mit Prof. David A. Mason

Fr, 27.09.2019
9:30 - 12:30

Freitag, 27.09.2019, 09:30 bis ca. 12:30 Uhr, anschließend gemeinsames Mittagessen möglich
Treffpunkt:U-Bahnstation Anguk (Linie 3 orange), Ausgang 4 oben
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Kosten: 15.000 KRW für Mitglieder, 25.000 KRW für Nichtmitglieder (Bezahlung bitte in bar vor Ort)
Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 10 Personen

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Anmeldeschluss: 25. September 2019

Sites of East Insa-dong: Unhyeong-gung Palace, Cheondo-gyo Cathedral, Min’s House, Deokseong Women’s Campus, Nakwon-dong, Ikseon-dong

Activity level: fairly light, just level walking.
Child-friendly: they can easily be brought along.
This tour will be cancelled in the event of significant rain.

This is a new and varied tour that covers some very interesting but yet perhaps little-visited sites on the eastern side of the famous Insa-dong traditional-culture neighborhood in northern downtown Seoul:

Unhyeong-gung was an auxiliary palace at the end of the Joseon Dynasty, constructed and lived-in by the regent-prince – the uncle of King Gojong who was supremely-powerful for two crucial decades. It has been beautifully restored to its late-19th-cen condition, and features several architectural quirks that exemplify the traditional legacy of Seoul – and the ghosts of some interesting old stories.

Cheondo-gyo Central Cathedral was constructed by 1921 as the headquarters of “Cheondoism” or “Religion of the Heavenly Way”. This is a unique fusion-faith combining elements of Christianity with Korean Shamanism, Buddhism and Daoism, with roots in the 1894 Donghak Peasant Rebellion. This “temple” was one of the four most important, prominent and meaningful structures of the Japanese imperial colonial era, and now one of the three greatest architectural masterpieces remaining from those days. We will view and learn about its history & design, and the ideology behind them.

Original Campus of Deokseong Women’s University has interesting colonial architecture and a lovely garden for us to stroll-through.

Min’s Club (Min Gadaheon), is a classic 1930s aristocratic urban-home serving as the legacy of one of the Joseon Dynasty’s most-respected clans. It has now been beautifully restored as a high-class Korean-fusion restaurant filled with charming antiques, which we will be introduced-to and perhaps enjoy a cup of tea within (bring a little extra cash for that possibility).

Nakwon-dong and Ikseon-dong are characteristic little neighborhoods of their own, just east of Insa-dong, featuring many old hanoks, good BBQ restaurants, trendy cafes, the primary traditional markets for rice-cakes and musical instruments – and another infamous aspect.
Finish: We will disperse near Jongno Avenue and Jongno 3-ga Metro Station (Purple Line #5), by about noon, or 12:30 – participants can get lunch, or take any subway train, or easily catch a taxi or bus.

Diese Tour findet auf Englisch statt und wird zusammen mit SIWA durchgeführt.This tour is offered in cooperation with SIWA in English.

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