Tour: The National Cemetery of Korea mit Prof. David Mason

Do, 07.11.2019
9:30 - 12:30

Dongjak Station, Exit 8

Donnerstag, 07.11.2019, 09:30 bis 12:30 Uhr (Tour endet wieder an der U-Bahnstation Dongjak)

Wo: U-Bahnstation Dongjak (Linie 4, hellblau), Ausgang 8 oben

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               25.000 KRW für Nichtmitglieder
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Anmeldeschluss: 05. November

Teilnehmerzahl: max. 10 Personen

Tour: The National Cemetery of Korea

Start: Please be aware that if you arrive via the Dongjak Station, it takes quite a long time to walk through the two stations and get to Exit #8 on the far end of the Tan Line 9 – in order to be on-time for our meeting, allow 10 minutes for that trek! There is an elevator at Exit 8, if you wish to use it.

This SIWA tour offers an in-depth look at Korea’s late-20th-century history, and the fascinating multi-religious and monumental ways that they officially honor its heroes and most controversial leaders. TheNational Cemetery of Korea is just as grand and Korean-culture-specific as you would imagine it to be!

We will begin with the main monuments and then the dramatic underground vault with statues of NationalSpirits. We will proceed past the thousands of sacrificed soldier’s graves to the traditional-style tombs offour key Presidents of the Republic of Korea, and our guide will tell stories of their lives andaccomplishments, putting them into understandable context for you to better understand all that happened to Korea after its 1945 Liberation.

We will finish by visiting the very interesting Jijang-sa Buddhist Temple within the grounds, where our guide will explain its artworks (a few good antiques!) and the role that Buddhism has long played in commemorating the honored deceased. All together, a pleasant and informative walk through a very important site rich in Korean history.

Tour leader: Prof. David A. Mason
David A. Mason is an American who has been in Korea since 1982. He is an expert on the history of this nation´s traditional culture and has authored many books and articles. He is a Professor of Korean Cultural Tourism at Sejong University.

Diese Tour findet auf Englisch statt und wird zusammen mit SIWA durchgeführt.
This tour is offered in cooperation with SIWA in English.

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