Wanderung Dobong-san Wonhyo-am Tempel mit Prof. David A. Mason

Sa, 19.10.2019
10:00 - 13:00

Dobong-San Wonhyo-Am Tempel

Wanderung Dobong-san Wonhyo-am Tempel mit Prof. David A. Mason

Samstag, 19. Oktober 2019, 10:00 – ca. 13:00 Uhr anschl. gemeinsames Mittagessen möglich
Treffpunkt: U-Bahnstation Mangwolsa (Linie 1 dunkelblau), Ausgang 3 oben.
Gegen 13:00 Uhr sind wir wieder an der Mangwolsa Station.

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Kosten: 15.000 KRW für Mitglieder, 25.000 KRW für Nichtmitglieder (Bezahlung bitte in bar vor Ort)
Max. Teilnehmerzahl: 10 Personen

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Anmeldeschluss: 17. Oktober 2019

Hiking-Tour of Dobong-san Wonhyo-am Temple
In northern Bukhan-san National Park
Leader: Professor David A. Mason

Activity level: Medium, some climbing on steep paved roads with some steps.
Bring water, snacks, and a hat!
This tour will be cancelled or transferred to a museum in the event of significant rain.

This tour features a lightly-steep but pleasant 3.5-hour guided hike and temple-tour in Seoul’s Bukhan-san National Park, in lovely mid-autumn weather – expect a blue sky, cool breeze and autumn leaves!
You can visit one of the most scenic and interesting Buddhist temples in the Seoul area – and one of the few remaining ones that you are not allowed to drive up to, hiking is the only option – in the company of an expert – and take plenty of great photos, and get plenty of healthy springtime exercise in fresh pine-forest air. A few other nice temples & shrines will be stopped-by along the way.

Wonhyo-am was founded long ago by the great master-monk Wonhyho during the Shilla Kingdom as a remote hermitage. It was home to many famous monks, and is spectacularly sited just below the dramatic peaks of Dobong-san, one of Seoul’s prominent sacred guardian-mountains. Our guide will give us a thorough tour of the major shrines, monuments, and traditional artworks including the uniquely Korean shamanistic paintings. He will explain the meaning and significance of all this large and important temple’s history and features, and tell a few colorful tales about Wonhyo, the nation’s best-known and most interesting Buddhist leader.

Diese Tour findet auf Englisch statt und wird zusammen mit SIWA durchgeführt.This tour is offered in cooperation with SIWA in English.

Fragen beantwortet euch gerne Wiebke Axebark. Please contact Wiebke if you have any questions.

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