Since its foundation in 1995, the German Club Seoul has become a lively and fixed institution for Germans and German-speaking people who live in Korea. It offers the possibility, with mutual activities, to share experiences with friends and to discover new impressions as well as participating in interesting events with cultural and social themes.
An especially important role plays the club for people who just arrived. The club offers valuable help to all questions and problems which might arise. Because everybody in the club knows the situation how it is to start a new life in a new and different culture.

Today the German Club Seoul counts over 140 members. These are usually family memberships and therefore the actual member count is more than double as high. More and more Germans and German-speaking people are coming – mostly because of business reasons – to Seoul. In most cases only for a limited time. That means that one has quite frequently to say good-bye to loved friends. Very often this develops friendships, which last many years, even after a return to Germany or another country.

Everybody experiences the change, which comes with a move to a new country and a different culture and language in a different way. One adjusts to the new environment faster than the other. But it always is a big advantage, when one can share these experiences in his mother tongue. That helps very often to overcome difficulties and cope with eventual homesickness.

All people who are able to speak German are most welcome to join us.


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