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Deutscher Club Seoul: Community and Culture Since 1995

Deutscher Club Seoul is the go-to gathering spot for Germans and German speakers in Korea. It's a vibrant forum for sharing life abroad experiences and is dedicated to strengthening cultural ties. The club's wide range of events offers a window into Korean culture and encourages cultural exchange. What sets Deutscher Club Seoul apart is its commitment to non-profit principles. The club isn't driven by commercial interests and doesn't generate profits. Instead, all membership fees go towards charitable causes, allowing members to make a direct impact on social projects and support the wider community.

The club is an essential resource for Germans and people from other countries living in Korea, providing support and guidance, particularly to those new to the country and adjusting to life's challenges here. Being able to communicate in one's native language can be an invaluable resource.

Deutscher Club Seoul represents more than just cultural exchange and networking; it embodies social engagement and a deep sense of community spirit. We warmly welcome you to join our community and help make a positive difference together!

– The Board of Deutscher Club Seoul


Magali Sandmann


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